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Welcome to the H.THEORIA website (hereafter referred to as ”the Website”), property of, and put online by, the H.THEORIA society (hereafter referred to as ”we/us”).

The present Agreement describes the terms, contractual committments, conditions and dispositions (the ”legal notice”) defining your access to the information and valuable services available on the Website or via the use of the Website.

By visiting the Website, You, the user, declare that you understand these general terms of use and accept to be legally engaged according to these.

Please notice that H.THEORIA reserves the right to change the general terms of use according to which the Website and its numerous possibilities are offered to you.

Using the Website after such change has been notified implies that the user accepts the change.

This Website is dedicated to the H.THEORIA brand, specialized in the trade of alcoholic beverages. If the law in your country forbids you to use the Website, please leave immediately.

Please notice the following restrictions in particular (and without limitation):

Juvenile protection:

Using this Website requires to be imperatively of age to drink alcohol in the country where you live.

If this is not the case, please leave the Website immediately.

  1. Rights.

All rights concerning the information displayed on the Website are H.THEORIA’s exclusive property.

  1. Trademarks.

The name ”H.THEORIA” and our logo are our trademarks, and are registered in various jurisdictions worldwide. All use or reproduction of these trademarks is forbidden, except in the situations mentioned in the present terms of use.

  1. Reproduction.

You can visit the Website and print informative-only paper copies of it for strictly private and non-commercial use. All reproductions (be them electronic, on paper or any other format) are forbidden and all rights are reserved.

  1. Liability waiver.

The present website is provided ”as it is” and we do not guarantee in any way that you will be able to use it nor that it will be available in its current form or any other form nor that the Website or any software downloaded from the Website will be free from viruses or compatible with your installation, nor that the documents or information from the Website will be exact or complete. All other tacit guarantees of any kind, including guarantees of legal and commercial quality, guarantees of agreement to some specific use and guarantees of competence, or of caution, are excluded by the present document to the largest extent allowed by the law.

  1. User responsibility.

We took all the necessary precautions when we collected the information and other data available on the Website. However it is your responsibility to check the information with independent authorities systematically before you exploit it. It is your responsibility to make sure that there aren’t any viruses thanks to some appropriate software, in any document downloaded from the Website, and that this software is compatible with your installation.

  1. Liability disclaimer.

To the largest possible extent allowed by the law, we here decline all responsibility for any loss or any damage (including all direct or indirect, economic or immaterial loss or damage) undergone by the user due to their use of the Website or of any information available on the Website or downloaded from it, or to their inability to use the Website, or to any mistake in the Website provisioning, or to any computer virus transmitted via this Website, whether the loss or damage derives from our own negligence or from any other factor, and even if we were previously expressely informed of such potential loss or damage.

  1. Data provided by the user.

You are here giving your consent to our right to use and publicize, without any restriction and for all purpose that we would deem practical, any data you communicate via exchange servers or transmitted to the website by any other means (be them ideas, creative concepts, or any other data), without any financial counterpart nor any other form of recognition as source of the mentionned data. We decline all responsibility concerning any loss or damage you could undergo because of our use or publication of these data. The current paragraph does not alter any of your rights relative to the law about data protection or any other similar law, these rights prevailing.

  1. Hypertext links.

We decline all responsibility concerning your use of the Website or your incapacity to use the websites the present Website links to. Those websites are independent from this Website and we have no control over them

  1. Modification of the legal mention

We reserve the right to alter the present legal notice from time to time.

  1. Law and competence.

The present general terms of use and all issues related to this Website are governed by French law and any related legal dispute is the non-exclusive competence of French courts and tribunals.



According to the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you have the possibility to access, correct and suppress your data. For this matter, you can address


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You are not supposed to send confidential data to the Website. As a result, except for the personal data described above, all information in any form—document, data, graph, question, suggestion, concept, comment or else—that you will share on the Website shall not be considered confidential.

As a result, your mere sharing of this data gives us the right to use, copy, publicize, modify or transmit it in order to deal with your request.